I need to get my rugs cleaned and back on my horses quickly?

Turnaround is three weeks but for a priority fee this can be reduced.

I have my own washer but can find I have rugs queuing up to be done - can you help?

MudBusters can help you out whatever you need. Whether it is one rug or 50 we will still give you fast turnaround and quality service. There is no need to worry or get behind in your rug washing programme and struggle - just call MudBusters!

I need a fast turnaround on rugs for visiting horses - can you help?

Having visitors who won't be staying long but have rugs which need cleaning and repairing? MudBusters are happy to help out and do emergency turnaround whenever you need.

I need a company that takes special care on rugs for youngsters and horses with sensitive skin. Do you provide any service for these?

MudBusters only use detergents and agents specifically designed for use in the equine arena. We have never had a reaction to any of our products and ensure that everything is rinsed thoroughly.

I have a large competition yard and need to have the rugs serviced on a regular basis but need them back quickly. Can you cope with volume?

MudBusters is fully equipped to cope with large quantities of rugs. Our drying room alone holds 60 rugs at a time enabling us to ensure our turnaround is fast - whatever the time of year or weather!

My partner complains when I take my numnahs home to wash - can you wash small items?

MudBusters is happy to clean anything from a large rug to a bandage.

I have cats and dogs - can you clean their beds too?

MudBusters are happy to take dog and cat beds for washing - please call for details.